The Titus Project

A one-week creative development that inspired the creation of Several Words Associated with Revenge. Using Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus as their key piece of stimulus, five performers, a sound designer and a visual artist improvised around the themes of revenge in this play. The themes and characters were distilled down to the single motif of revenge – the single destructive force in Titus Andronicus. The culmination of the week’s development was performed at Backbone Youth Arts’ 2high Festival in 2007.

It became obvious from the improvisations that the sound designer and visual artist were to be on stage with the performers. It also became evident that they would use their respective media in the way that the roman gods used the weather to influence and play with the mortals on stage.

Many of the improvisations descended into an uncomfortable comedic self-referential take on the play. Either that or a dark, abstract, non-emotive and seemingly not-related-the-rest-of-the-play scene. Combining these scenes put the audience in a peculiar position: like they were watching revenge embodied in a dramaturgical form with one scene retaliating against the scene before it. We knew then that our version of Titus Andronicus would be illogical and irrational.

Devised and performed by Thom Browning, Katie English, Laura Hillis, Tora Hylands, Kieran Law, Genevieve Trace and Jacinta Yelland.