Several Words Associated With Revenge

Six individuals. One skewed world.

Everything here is revenge. Everything here is fragile. Six performers inhabit this stage: playing games, sharing stories and executing petty acts of revenge upon one another in the ultimate test of personal boundaries.

Several Words Associated With Revenge is a collection of themes sewn together with vengeance as the thread. From irrefutable indignation to absolute remorse.

A work inspired by the blood thirst of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and sipping from modern fables of retribution.

Producer Erin White • Performers & Devisers Giema Contini, Kieran Law, Genevieve Trace, Jacinta Yelland • Live Sound Designer Thom Browning • Live Visual Artist Eric Bridgeman • Set Designer Genevieve Ganner • Lighting Designer Mark Middleton • Choreographer Carly Rees • Assistant Director Sarah Winter

2008: Metro Arts, The Independents

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