Room 328

Step in. Take our hand.

Screw it. Shoot Jäger. Throw shit at us and we’ll throw it back. Eat cake. Pass out. But there will be no pass-outs given. Get up. Run with it.

Think of Room 328 as a Neverland for the 21st Century. A space where lost men reside. We are those lost men: River Pheonix, James Dean, the guy throwing the first punch before the new lockout on a Saturday morning.

We are wild. You make us nervous.

Producer Genevieve Trace • Set Design Yvette Turnbull • Original Set Design Elise Terranova • Sound Design Mike Willmett • Lighting Design Scott Barton • Choreographer Liesel Zink • Performers & Devisers Erica Field, Skye Gellman, Kieran Law, Rhett Morrow, Robbie O’Brien and Dave Sleswick • Deviser & original performer Tom McCosker

2011: Arts House, The Fringe Hub, Melbourne Fringe Festival
2011: Brisbane Powerhouse, World Theatre Festival
2010: Metro Arts, Allies of Metro

3 Green Room Awards Nominations, Melbourne Fringe Festival

"...exhilarating and disquieting" Zenobia Frost, Rave Magazine

"Room 328 is representative of a new, thoughtful generation of performance makers in Brisbane who are breaking new ground." Douglas Leonard, Real Time Magazine

"…leaves you feeling like you’ve had a night out with the boys – grinning, slightly intoxicated and a just a little ashamed of yourself." Simon Tate, artsHub

"Room 328 doesn’t offer an opinion to its audiences – it offers a unique experience; an infinitely rarer commodity. Catch it if you can." Matt O’Neill, TimeOff Magazine