The Logan Project

A monster. And a master.

Known as a leader and a tyrant, Patrick Logan has fallen from the history books and into the world of mythology. Murdered by unknowns, his ghost is said to still haunt Brisbane River.

Commandant Logan is famed both for turning the neglected penal colony of Brisbane into a promising settlement and for his cruelty towards his fellow man. His strength built a city, his wickedness destroyed men, the convicts in his charge killing each other rather than living through the torment of his reign.

The Logan Project is an explosive performance using Logan's children as the key to understanding this infamous figure.

Devilish, dark and disturbing, The Logan Project was created and performed as part of Daniel Santangeli’s honour’s year, for which he received First Class Honours.

2007: Queensland University of Technology

Performers & Devisers Brent Brown, Samantha Wegner and Genevieve Trace • Set Design & Performer Sarah Winter • Lighting Design Jason Glenwright and Mark Middleton • Live Sound Design Thomas Browning • Costume Design Elizabeth Willing • Cinematography Dylan Wiehahn